Welcome to Lord Technical Ltd, specialists in the sale, hire, repair and calibration of:

  • surveying equipment, from levels to robotic total stations
  • measuring tools, from tape measures to DISTO laser measurers
  • construction instruments, levels, lasers and total stations
  • pipe and cable locators, CATs and Genny’s, precision locators and ground penetrating radar
  • gas detectors, confined space entry, heating and plumbing gas analysers
  • thermal imaging cameras for building and electrical inspection

Lord Technical Ltd has been the leading supplier of surveying equipment in the North East of England since 1986.

Our complete range of surveying equipment, construction instruments and measuring tools is available in our online store – www.surveyingstuff.com

Link to surveyingstuff.com, Lord Technical's online store
Link to surveyingstuff.com, Lord Technical’s online store