DISTO™ D110 – the tiny LDM that packs a punch

Don’t be fooled by the Leica DISTO™ D110. This tiny laser distance measurer (LDM) really packs a punch, despite weighing in at just 92 grams.

The D110 is a handy tool to take all types of distance and area measurements, and also gives you the ability to send measurements via Bluetooth. The tiny price tag of just £109 +VAT means it is by far the cheapest Bluetooth LDM available.

DISTO D110 laser distance measurer

















DISTO D110 features:

  • 60m range

  • weighs 92 grams, including batteries

  • accurate to 1.5mm

  • easy to use

  • ergonomic

  • three measurement modes

  • quick and intuitive operation

  • detachable pocket clip

  • dust and splash resistant (IP54 protection rating)

  • up to 10,000 measurements per set of batteries


Working together with the DISTO™ Sketch app

DISTO™ D110 laser distance measurer
The DISTO™ D110 with the Leica Sketch App

With the DISTO™ D110 you can transfer your on-site measurements to mobile apps as you take them, allowing you to generate estimates or use modelling software. In particular the D110, like all Bluetooth DISTOs, works seamlessly with the Leica DISTO Sketch app, free to download from Google Play for all Android smartphones and tablets. Turn measurements into accurate floorplans while in graph paper mode, or measure elements in a picture using your mobile phone camera.

Find out more

The full range of Leica DISTO laser measurers, including the DISTO D110, is available from Lord Technical Ltd. Find out more by contacting sales@lordtechnical.co.uk or call 0191 4789333. You can also buy securely from our online store, www.surveyingstuff.com – the site accepts payment by BACS, credit and debit cards, and Paypal.


If you register your Leica DISTO™ within eight weeks of the date of purchase at http://myworld.leica-geosystems.com to extend the no-cost warranty period to three years.

Prices subject to change without notice. The price quoted above is correct on 12 December 2016. Please visit www.surveyingstuff.com for up to date pricing.