Jogging along with the Leica Jogger automatic level

Leica Jogger automatic level

Chances are that if you are in the market for a Leica Jogger automatic level, you already know what it can do. Whether you call it an automatic level, builder’s level or dumpy level, you’ll know that this is what you need for a wide range of building and construction tasks.

Leica Jogger automatic level
Jog, jog, jogging along

So why should you choose the Jogger? Let’s take the running analogy a bit further. The jog is where it all starts. If you don’t jog, and keep on jogging, you’ll never run, or sprint, or finish the race (in first place of course). A jog might sound ‘entry-level’ in the world of running, but without it, you’ll always be walking. Slowly. Get yourself in training with the Jogger and you’ll be crossing the finishing line first every time.

The Leica Jogger is the essential bit of kit to help you tackle building and civil engineering tasks, levelling, landscaping and profiling:

  • great features combined with simple operation
  • site proof kit: quality and endurance built in as standard
  • water resistant for operation under the harshest conditions
  • accurate
  • manufacturer’s warranty and access to support network
  • available from Lord Technical Ltd / for only £120 + VAT (level only) or for £160 + VAT (the essential level, tripod and staff package)

You can order securely online, or if you would prefer to order by phone or need further information, call our team on 0191 4789333. Email