Leica Captivate 3D field software

Leica Captivate –
Don’t just see data, experience data

Leica Captivate is the revolutionary new 3D field software for the latest measurement instruments. It is an intuitive and simple software to navigate your data, available on the renowned Viva  instruments. The software allows you to use familiar apps and touch screen technology to easily capture and manage complex data. Your Leica Viva gives you the ultimate in GNSS receiver technology and Leica Captivate brings it to life, with an industry-first 3D immersion experience. Leica Captivate works in conjunction with Leica Infinity back in the office to join survey data and edit projects faster and more efficiently, with seamless integration. This helps you to keep the project on track, whatever the challenges you face on site. Leica Captivate 3d modelling

Highlights of Leica Captivate:
  • innovative and intuitive
  • merges the overlay of measured points, 3D models and point clouds into a single view
  • smooth data transfer
  • seamless integration with Leica Infinity
  • easily handles complex data
  • turn data into workable 3D models
  • click through to access customer care directly
  • avoid costly revisits to site
  • eliminate delays
  • control costs

Find out more about Leica Captivate from Lord Technical Ltd on info@surveyingstuff.com or call 0191 4789333 captivate1