New FLIR Ex-series thermal imaging cameras

FLIR Systems have launched the brand new Ex-series of feature-rich thermal imaging cameras, and the range is available to buy in the UK from Lord Technical Ltd and

FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras
New FLIR Systems Ex-series thermal imaging cameras available from

FLIR Ex-series thermal imaging cameras are ideal for electrical and mechanical inspections where their ability to detect potential problem areas mean that installations can be quickly and easily inspected and breakdowns avoided. Building inspectors will also rapidly discover the benefits of the FLIR Ex-Series as they are ideal for detecting insulation losses, inspecting under floor heating and many other building related anomalies.

FLIR Ex-Series cameras are easy-to-use thermal imaging cameras that give the user access to a new dimension in inspection capability. An affordable replacement for a spot pyrometer, they provide a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel. A FLIR thermal imaging camera can scan an entire area, never missing a potential problem area, no matter how small it might be.

Key features of the new FLIR Ex-series thermal imaging cameras:

  • outstanding ease-of-use
  • a fixed focus-free lens
  • extremely simple to operate, designed for entry-level users
  • measuring temperatures up to +250°C, they produce instant, ‘point-and-shoot’ JPEG thermal imagery with all required temperature data included
  • built-in visual camera makes observing and inspecting faster and easier, as the visual image can be used as a reference against the thermal image
  • FLIR’s patented MSX-technology provides thermal images of exceptional quality in real time. This results in sharper-looking thermal images, quicker target orientation and clutter-free reports
  • lightweight and easy to carry (weighing only 575 grams, and are easy to carry in a belt pouch)
  • sees temperature differences as small as 0.15°C (E4) to 0.06°C (E6 and E8)
  • FLIR Tools software is available for free download by all Ex-Series users. FLIR Tools allows the user to import thermal images to a PC for basic reporting and analysis