Thermal imaging cameras – a top ten of surprising uses

To celebrate our latest special offer from FLIR Systems, here are ten uses for a thermal imaging camera that you may not have thought of. And now available, the handy little FLIR One thermal imaging camera for your iPhone, providing a fully functioning thermal imaging camera wherever you are.

1. Take a hi-tech approach to camping and the great outdoorsthermal imaging can be used to check a smouldering campfire

With the FLIR One thermal imaging camera you can hike and explore at night, observe any wild animals that are close by, and even make sure your campfire is safely out

2. Keep pets safe and healthy

With thermal imaging you can see just what your pet is up to. Locate any pet accidents in the home, helping you to clean up quickly, find a lost or stuck pet in outhouses or sheds, or check on their health by identifying any hot spots on the skin.


Check for hot spots and see who has been sitting in your seat3. Stake your claim on that prime sofa spot

At a glance check if the dog, or your husband, wife or kids, have been sitting in your special spot on the sofa

4. Stay safe at home or when out and about

A handy and light personal thermal imager means that you can stay safe wherever you are. You can locate lurkers or intruders in and around your home, or check around your car in a dark car park.

Use thermal imaging technology to check baby's bath5. Be the perfect parent

For that perfect first born, use your thermal imaging camera to check baby’s bath water temperature or the temperature of baby food or formula.

6. Root out rodents

Use the heat seeking FLIR One to locate and destroy any furry intruders in your walls or attic. Or run away from them. You choose.

5837. Keep your car running smoothly

The FLIR One can help you stay on the road by finding any irregularities in the exhaust system or the electrics in your car. And if one tyre shows up hotter on your FLIR One, this indicates a problem with your tyre pressure, avoiding a potentially dangerous tyre blowout.

8. Stay warm and cosy

OK, maybe this one isn’t that surprising, but it is one you’ll find hard to beat as the weather gets colder. Find the source of cold air draughts in your house or locate heat leaks in your windows or home insulation, so you can stay warmer this winter.

9. Be the best at hide and seek

Have a night time game of hide and seek and use your thermal imaging camera to find your fellow players in an instant.

10. Choose the coldest pint…Half-full Beer

Impress everyone (ahem) and be the coolest at the bar, with your amazing ability to choose the coldest pint. Of orange juice of course.



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